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Ok 2 Be LGBT Podcast Launch | Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

Last night, we successfully submited our podcast to iTunes! Our episodes are waiting to be live on our site and we can’t wait to keep bringing our listeners great information, stories and interviews!

When planning and discussing our show in the very early phases, we decided to launch on July 4th. At the time, it gave us 2 months which we felt was plenty of time. More importantly, we loved the significance of launching close to Independence Day, July 4th.

238 years ago our country signed a document that legally separated us from Great Britain. An act of independence in rebellion to their taxes and unjust laws.

Today as the LGBT community seeks legal recognition and greater cultural awareness, we felt this was the most appropriate time of year to launch our podcast. As Pride month settles down and the next big wave of gay rights victories roars, we want to share it all with you and help inspire our youth to not settle with status quo.

It is our passion to create a community of acceptance, where no one feels alone and everyone is striving for success. We’d love to have you join our Facebook group community where we share news, articles and entertainment regularly!

The irony of our launching on July 2nd is that the US was legally separated from Great Britain on July 2nd, but the Declaration of Indepence wasn’t signed until the 4th… so that is the day we remember, however, all of the hard work lead up to what happened on July 2nd.