007: Marriage Equality, Jokes, and More from the Fans!

Here we are with the seventh episode of Ok2BeLGBT! For those of you who haven’t listened to us before, we are a show devoted to educating the LGBT community and our allies. Whether you’re new or you are returning, thanks for being with us!

In this episode we talk about what YOU wanted to hear: from your reviews to your questions to your jokes, this episode is all about you.

We start by sharing a few reviews left about the show. If you were someone who left a review, check in and see if you’re the lucky winner of a $30 gift card to the HRC web site! For every person who leaves a review, we put your name in a hat (literally we write your name on a piece of paper and then toss them all into a hat) and pull one name out. That name is the winner of the gift card.

If you want a chance to win a gift card, check the resources section for the link where you can leave a review.

In our Facebook group we asked you to chime in with any subject you wanted us to talk about:

  • Jenny H asks us what we think about heterosexual actors playing gay characters – and we share our opinions.
  • Cash wants to know how long we think it’ll take the South to approve the ban on gay marriages. Both of us have thoughts on the subject and we highlight a few resources to help you get better acquainted with where each state stands on the subject.
  • And our last question comes from Jenny H who asks us to talk about how different it is for people in their 20s and younger to come out versus people in their 30s, 40s and older. Each of us is in one of those camps and we have plenty to share.

One final topic we cover is the topic of jokes you’ve submitted. Four of you shared LGBT-centered jokes and we share them so everyone has a laugh.

And now we want to hear from you: what topic would you like us to cover? Do you have a funny joke you just can’t wait to tell us? Write to us about in the comments, drop us an email or come over to our Facebook group and chat! Til next time…