006: Work Experiences, Florida & Oklahoma, ESPN Body Images, & Michael Sam earns the Arthur Ashe award

Hello and welcome to the sixth episode of Ok2BeLGBT, a show devoted to educating the LGBT community and our allies.

In this episode we talk about coming out (or not) at work, which two states recently declared marriage bans unconstitutional, ESPN’s body image issue and who won the Arthur Ashe award for courage.

On the subject of coming out or not at work, we both share what our environments are like. For the first year or two of her job, Kim attended court often as a case worker and dressed for the occasion. I am an engineer for the government and work with other engineering-types; there isn’t a lot of talk about personal lives.

My office often hosts monthly awareness luncheons for whatever cause has been signed into existence by President Obama; we have monthly events for women’s month, African-American month, etc.  When I asked why they didn’t host one for Gay Pride Month in June, they said they were concerned it would raise too much controversy. I was disappointed they didn’t have an event in June, but I felt like it was a baby step that they even considered doing something.

Our next topic is the overturning of the marriage bans in Oklahoma and Florida; we discuss the main two legal reasons this ban often gets overturned.

Moving on to ESPN’s body image issue, we talk about how refreshing it is to see athletes of all shapes and sizes featured. All pro athletes are featured but not every one of them has rock hard, washboard abs. It’s good to see bodies that are bit more “normal”.

ESPN also puts on an annual awards show called The Espys. One award winner we singled out to talk about is Michael Sam who won the Arthur Ashe Award for courage. Michael was the first openly gay player in the NFL and his courage was acknowledged at the award show. He gave a moving speech that you can watch in the resources below.

And now we want to hear from you: what’d you think about ESPN’s body issue and Michael Sam’s speech? Are you out at work or not, and what was that experience like for you? Tell us about in the comments or come over to our Facebook group and chat! Til next time…

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Michael Sam’s speech
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