005: Transgender Songs, Celebrity Crushes & Restaurant Experiences

Welcome to the fifth episode of Ok2BeLGBT! We’re glad to have you with us again.

In this episode we talk about transgender songs, who our celebrity crushes are and if we’ve ever been singled out at restaurants for being lesbians.

Recently on the TV show America’s Got Talent, there was an 84-year old man who competed. That was plenty of reason to watch, but the kicker was the song’s punchline. He sings about an incredible woman…who is actually a man. The crowd and the judges go wild with laughter.

But the media also created a stir: was the song deriding transgender folks or was it simply in good fun? We weigh in with our thoughts.

We also talk about a few current TV shows that feature lesbians: The Fosters and Pretty Little Liars. And that leads to our celebrity crush true confessions! Who are our favorite ladies in Hollywood? Listen in and find out!

On a more serious note, we wrap up with a discussion on an episode of ABC’s What Would You Do?. The show in general sets up an unknowing audience with situations designed to provoke a response.

This particular episode featured two gay men out at a restaurant in Mississippi. The owner asks the men to leave when they show some affection. One of the people in the restaurant, a man who doesn’t know this is a set up, defends the couple. In fact, he’s so upset by the owner’s actions the TV crew finally has to tell him it’s all just a set up for What Would You Do?.

We chat about that video and share whether the two of us have had uncomfortable experiences being out with a significant other.

And now we want to hear from you: what’d you think about the 84 year old man’s song? Who is your favorite Hollywood crush and have you ever been singled out while dining out? Tell us about in the comments or come over to our Facebook group and chat! Til next time…

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